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In VIP Insurance Brokers we have exclusive benefits such as:

Accounts with independent assistance and advice in case of accidents or robberies 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Is it more expensive to buy car insurance with an insurance broker / broker?

No. All insurers usually give the same prices if you hire directly or if they do so through a broker. Even the most experienced brokers, such as VIP Insurance Brokers, have exclusive benefits from all insurance companies, and we transfer them to our clients without paying anything extra.

Our service is completely free. On the contrary, we have special conditions previously negotiated with the different insurers for the volume of our portfolio:Better coverage at a lower price.

We provide independent and permanent advice during the term of your insurance. For us it is indifferent with which insurer you hire your policy.

  • What does VIP Insurance Brokers earn and what do I authorize?

    We earn commission for policy issued at any insurance company. The insurer transfers its costs by force of sale.
    We have no commitments with any insurer, our commitment is solely with our insured.

    It authorizes us only to perform administrative acts of representation, but not disposition.
    Any communication between us and the insurer must have the prior approval or requirement of the insured.

  • How much does vehicle insurance cost in Peru? – Car and truck insurance prices

    All-risk car insurance prices are based on the value of the vehicle, brand, model and year of manufacture.

    Then, the higher the commercial value of the car or van, the more the insurance costs and if it were less years old, the cheaper it will be.
    Another very important variable is the brand and model, each insurer has a list of the car models and their respective classification regarding the risk of insuring it. For example, in Peru, Toyota Yaris is considered high risk by all insurers and that is why the price to be paid will be higher, however there may be models with the same commercial value and year of age of Toyota Yaris, but they are not considered as high risk, so the annual price will be lower.
    The deductibles to be paid in case of an accident may also vary according to the brand and model.

    This classification on risk in car models is independent for each insurer. That is why it is important to use our Vehicle Insurance Comparator / Quote.

    We have all the alternatives of the different insurers in Peru, we have insurance fromUSD. 388.93per year and can be financed in up to 12 installments without interest.

  • Types of vehicle insurance

    In Peru, 4 types of car insurance are currently marketed:

    • Insurance for damages to third parties
    • Total loss insurance
    • All risk insurance
    • Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT)

    The SOAT covers personal accidents up to 4 UIT (approximately USD. 5,000) per death due to a traffic accident, and all-risk policies cover up to USD 25,000 additional to the SOAT.

    The best-selling vehicle insurance policy in Peru is All Risks, which in addition to protecting the vehicle, also protects its occupants and possible damages that may cause third parties or property in a traffic accident.

  • Is it possible to compare all vehicle insurance in Peru?

    Of course, in our insurance quote you will find all the results of the Peruvian insurance market and with the coverage compared to detail, from the amounts insured for personal accidents, civil liability, special benefits as a driver and replacement car, as well as the deductibles in multi-brand workshops and dealerships.

  • Requirements and steps to obtain vehicle insurance

    Once the insurer and payment method have been defined, we only need a copy of the vehicle ID and card, as well as some personal information such as address, email and telephone.
    A representative of the insurer is contacted to perform the vehicle inspection. If the vehicle is new, inspection is not necessary. If you are going to renew your vehicle insurance, you should not pass inspection.

    Upon issuance of the policy we will contact you to review it and be in accordance with what is required and quoted. Once you have your agreement, you will just start canceling according to the chosen payment schedule.

  • Which is better: Contract insurance with an insurance broker / broker or directly with the insurer?

    An insurance broker or broker is a natural or legal person authorized by the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFP, which acts as an intermediary between the client and the car insurance company. The broker – insurance broker plays a very important role when hiring insurance because its main task is to advise you on the correct choice of your insurance as well as to guide and protect you when you have to use it. A good insurance broker will be at your disposal in the event of an incident and will guide you on how to proceed. These are some of the advantages of hiring car insurance with a broker:

    • Brokers or brokers do not have an exclusive or preferential relationship with any insurance company, which allows you to choose between all companies without being influenced or pressured by any.
    • A broker informs you about the details of a vehicle policy, such as limitations, deductibles, what it covers, what it does not cover, and other information that is usually in small print in the contracts of insurance companies.
    • You must choose an insurance broker that has several years in the market, because the experience obtained by advising and helping hundreds of clients in the incidents they had, will allow you to have an excellent advisor both in the purchase of insurance and help and guidance in case You need to use the insurance.
    • If you contract a policy directly to the insurer or through a simple website that sells insurance, which are not brokers authorized by the SBS, you will receive the contact of a seller (biased, without much knowledge, with the sole intention of selling no report) and then in the event of an incident, it will no longer be available to assist you and you will have to communicate directly with the insurance claims or claims area, where they know the terms, gaps and scope of the insurance policy, which is a technical contract and cumbersome, that the insured without advice would have to face.
    • A good broker defends the interests of the insured. If you consider that the insurance company has issued a report with which you disagree, the insurance broker is your best ally to present your claim in a timely and sustained way, without having to go through the cumbersome process of claims of the companies insurers
  • I’m buying a new vehicle and the bank or dealership wants me to take my car insurance with them. Should I hire them on a mandatory basis?

    Banks or concessionaires only sell insurance (any account executive or ATM) but do not have a service or attention area in case of a claim or claim; It is the same as contracting directly with the insurer, with all the disadvantages that this entails. The policies issued by the banks are valid for the duration of the loan and do not depreciate the value of the car during that period, being its coverage policies at commercial value from the second year. That means that the insured pays his insurance as if his car was worth as new and when indemnifying it corresponds only the commercial value at the time of the accident.

    All you have to say to the seller is that you have an insurance broker and that with all insurers we meet any requirement or requirement you have, such as endorsements and coverage.

  • I suffer an accident or my car is stolen. What should I do?

    In case of accidents:

    1. Immediately call your insurer and report what happened. Request ambulance or crane if necessary. In VIP Insurance Brokers we recommend contacting our headquarters first to receive guidance.

    2. Stay in the scene. Do not make agreements with third parties and wait for the indications of the insurer’s representative (not an advisor).

    3. Make the police report and ethyl dosing during the first two hours of the incident. It can be avoided only with prior authorization from the insurer.

    4. Take the vehicle to the chosen workshop and inform VIP Insurance Brokers.

    In case of theft:

    1. Immediately call your insurer to report what happened. If it is total theft and have GPS inform the service provider. In VIP Insurance Brokers we recommend contacting our headquarters to receive guidance.

    2. As soon as possible, submit the police report to the sector commissioner.

    3. VIP insurance brokers will be in charge of informing you about the documents required by your insurer.

  • Some questions in case of accident.

    I had an accident but I’m in a hurry and I don’t have time to call or file a police report, can you do it later?

    No, if you want to use the insurance coverage you have to comply with the contract requirements: call immediately, do not move from the scene, or do so just to go to the sector commissioner.

    Can the insurer’s representative not go to the scene?

    Some insurers are finding it convenient not to send their representative when the damages are minor. Always follow the instructions they provide from the insurance company headquarters.

    Do I always have to make a police report?

    It is the power of the insurer to demand the police report, it can be exonerated when there is no participation of third parties or when the damages of the vehicle are not considered, there are no personal damages and some of those involved accept responsibility.

    I reported the incident but apparently the damages are less than the deductible. What do I do?

    Reporting the event does not require the use of your policy or the payment of the deductible. You can close the case and stop using your insurance at any time. We take care of the procedures.
    But we recommend that you do not sign the withdrawal until you are 100% sure about the value of the repair, there may be hidden damage or difficult to see with the naked eye.

    I left my vehicle in the workshop. How long does the repair take?

    The workshop of your choice prepares a budget with all the necessary expenses so that the unit returns to the same conditions before the accident. Once the coverage has been consented and the budget approved by the insurer, the workshop will begin repairs. The delay will depend on the load of the workshop, the existence of stock of the necessary parts, the need to import or not spare parts, etc. The insurance contract should not change the time needed to repair your vehicle compared to directly canceling expenses. In VIP Insurance Brokers we maintain constant communication with the insurer and workshop so that the approval and repair is carried out in the shortest possible time.

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