Best auto insurance for 2019

If you are about totake out vehicle insuranceand are looking for thebest auto insurance for 2019, this article can help you since we offer you how to choose among thebest vehicle insurancefor this year in Peru.

Best auto insurance for 2019

Theauto insurancecan cover the cars against theft, accidents, damage to third parties or injury and death of the occupants or third parties for avehicular accident.

So havingvehicle insuranceprovides drivers with coverage and support in different situations. Among the main features that should be considered when choosing between insurance is what they include in assistance and benefits, in addition to drivers andreplacement vehicle. It is necessary to take into account the following aspects:

What is the annual premium?

Theannual premiumis about the cost that the insurance holder must pay for theirvehicle insuranceso that the coverage can take effect when there is a situation that must be covered as an accident or theft. Other aspects to take into account are thecoveragesand deductibles – amounts to be paid in the event of an accident or theft. In addition to knowing the payment terms.

The comparative table includes the Gross Commercial Premium that includes all insurance costs:


Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Before deciding onVehicle Insurance, you have to know aboutinsurance coverageand types of vehicle insurance, as there are differences between them. It is best to have the necessary coverage and not coverage by others.

To decide which are theauto insurance coveragethat suits them best by the type of vehicles, the city in which they usually circulate and where they live and what risks they may face. Certain cities in Peru are more dangerous than others due totheft or accidents.

  • Total Theft:In order to cover the theft, it is convenient to cover Total Theft, the most contracted by the drivers, the insurer returns the commercial value of the car before theft.
  • All Risk or Damage to the Vehicle Coverage:To cover yourself completely in vehicle accidents, it is best to have Full Risk or Damage to the vehicle coverage.
  • Personal Accidents:One of the coverages that integrates car insurance is that of Personal Accidents that covers any damage the driver suffers, covering medical expenses and others.

Next, we make acomparison of the coverageoffered by theAll Riskinsurance of some of the main auto insurers in Peru:

All Pacific Base RiskTotal Rimac CoverageTotal Self of the PositiveFull Mapfre Coverage
Damage to the insured vehicleYesYesYes, up to $ 60 thousandYes
Personal accidentsYes:

  • Healing costs
  • Permanent disability
  • Death
  • Burial

  • Death and permanent disability up to US $ 20,000
  • Cure expenses, up to US $ 4,000
Damage to third partiesYesYesYes
Civil liability towards third partiesAdditional for the excess of what is not covered by the SOATOccupants: covers bodily injuries (maximum up to 4 occupants, does not include driver)Yes, occupants and non-occupantsYes:

  • Car occupants: up to US $ 30,000 per vehicle
  • Non-occupants: up to US $ 100,000 per vehicle
Replacement vehiclesDo notYesYesLima only
Replacement driverDo notYesYesLima only
Discounts on gasolineYes, in PrimaxYes, in RepsolYes, in PEXDo not
Crane and mechanical assistanceYesYesYesYes, up to US $ 250 via refund

Install GPS

Theinsurerwill require them to install a GPS according to the type of car brand and model to access the coverage. Why insurers require a GPS as requirements forvehicle insurance, is by the index of most stolen vehicles by brand and model, if the car is considered based on this index as high risk, theinsurerwill ask them to install the GPS as protection for the vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen, the GPS can be tracked.

Assistance service

If the driver cannot drive, some insurers offer this service, they can send a replacement driver if they cannot drive. It is a free and limited service, if requested more times than is available as a limit, the insurer can charge it. The driver of assistance or assistance service usually appears in thecoverage for damage to the vehicle.

Legal assistance

Legal Assistance is a service included in the policies and provides legal and legal advice or defense against a traffic accident, without additional charge. When they suffer an accident, it is appropriate to call the insurer who will send them an advisor or agent as a guide for the procedures.

Before choosing avehicle insuranceshould consider the aspects mentioned above in addition to others, so they can choose the best car insurance and the one that suits them.

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