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Keys to hiring your car insurance online: Tips for newbies

A few months ago I hired a car insurance using a car insurance comparator. using. I found a spectacular insurance, no doubt, but I have to admit that it was a bittersweet experience. Anyone who has tried to take out online insurance, especially car insurance, will know what I am talking about. The good news is that, knowing a few things like the ones I’m going to tell you, buying prices and hiring your car insurance online will be much easier and faster.

Since I had plenty of time (about three months before I got the car delivered) I decided to experiment a little. The first thing that caught my attention was that the budgets that came out in the comparator did not even resemble the budgets requested online individually in each company independently (if the option is available). This had to do with many factors that you can imagine, such as coverages, for example. But in reality it did not matter, because in all cases what counts is the final budget that each insurer sends you when you arrive at the end of the process and ask for a price.

“So there is no one to compare prices,” I thought.

As I said, I had time, so I took the opportunity to go around and ask for a budget “at street level”, in different brokerages. This is when I ended up hallucinating with the differences.

“How is that possible?” I asked myself.

After getting some valuable data on how the comparators work, I tried again, this time with the intention of finishing the process and requesting the final budget online. The truth is that I expected, I trusted, not to have to leave my email and my phone more times than necessary, because we all know what it means.

“If I had known this at the beginning, how much time would have saved me , ” I concluded after getting my desired insurance through the comparator. It only took me a while to get the process finished.

This is what I learned, as a rookie, in my first time as a user of an insurance comparator.

Tips for newbies who want to take out online insurance

# 1 – If your intention is to hire a car insurance with a mediator, in your office, do not bother looking at a comparator. Many companies have bonuses for hiring online. And the prices are based on some coverage that comparator marks, coverage that, on the other hand, are only partly customizable. Actually, the price of the comparator is not the final price either. In fact, at the moment of truth, many of the offers are not as competitive as they seemed when you requested the final information.

# 2 – Get all the data right, paying attention to what they ask for. For example, there is a big difference in price if you have had some car insurance in your name in the two years before or not. This information can be found easily by the insurer, so it is no use lying.

# 3 – Put the insurance on behalf of the owner, even if there is another driver, even if that person is the main driver or even the only one. Some insurances do not allow you to insure the vehicle on behalf of someone other than the owner, so they do not give you a budget and, consequently, do not appear in the comparator. And, if you are a woman, as is my case, you will find special insurance for you, with coverage for all drivers over 26 years of age without having to declare them, even if they are men (I will not tell you more).

# 4 – Review the coverage chart well, not just the price. The comparators show each coverage (such as limits or conditions) and what optional extensions you have available. Check that what you want is what they offer you.

# 5 – Finish the budget request process for the proposals that most convince you, both for price and coverage (in this case, although the price does not fit you at all). The last comparison should be made with the final offer.

# 6 – When they call you do not hesitate to ask all the questions. Do not be blinded by complementary services, especially those that have nothing to do with insurance coverage.

# 7 – Ask for the policy and, if they don’t send it to you (something quite likely) at least ask them to email you the information of what interests you most. Many insurers do not send the conditions of the policy online before reaching the final hiring process excusing themselves that they cannot, but it is not true. In any case, it doesn’t matter. If when the policy arrives, it does not convince you, you can cancel the insurance without further ado . In fact, you don’t have to wait for the paper policy to arrive, since you’ll have to perfect online insurance, that is, sign the policy and, for that, you have to read it. If there is something that does not convince you, with not clicking on the signature button you have it solved. You call, ask questions, ask for changes, a new budget if necessary and check it.

Actually, the most complicated thing about hiring car insurance is knowing what you want. You can find a lot of information about what you should look for in car insurance and what the different coverages consist of in this blog.

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