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Comparator insurance, what benefits does it have?

We offer you an insurance comparatorthat, depending on the coverage of the car insurance you determine,will evaluate the proposals of different companies and calculate the amount of the best policyfor you.
In the Spanish market there is freedom of choice of modality and also of insurance company and it is important to assess the existing offer. That is whythe advantages to locate car insurance through an insurance comparator are many.

What is an insurance comparator?

An insurance comparatoris an application thatallows us to search for different prices in car insurancebetween differentcar insurancecompanies being the easiest way to compare car insurance.
To make the comparison in car insurance, insurance comparators ask us for information To make estimates and calculate the price of car insurance, allowing us to get an idea of ​​the coverage and prices of different car insurance, get different budgets on car insurance and locate the cheapest car insurance.
So what do we get with an insurance comparator? Why should we use an insurance comparator? What benefits does a car insurance comparator bring us?

  • A car insurance comparator helps us to:
  • Make a goodanalysisof the different proposals and coverage to find out which is themost convenient car insurancepolicy.
  • Analyze our real needs,without unnecessary coveragethat only increase the fee to be paid in our car insurance.
  • Get different quotes on car insurance quickly.
  • What can translate intosavings in hiring car insurance

Do you want to calculate your car insurance? Do you want to know what insurance policy you are interested in?Compare car insurance with our insurance comparator

What are car insurance?

Car insurance is a contractthat every vehicle owner must sign and have in force to cover possible damages caused by driving. Car insurance must be contracted before using the vehicle, since it is forbidden to drive without at least mandatory car insurance. In fact, if an accident occurs, the driver of the vehicle should face the relevant sanction and the damage it could cause.

With our insurance comparator you can choose the most convenient insurance for you.

Types of car insurance

The basic modality of compulsory contracting is the so-called Mandatory Automobile Insurance and serves to cover the civil liability of the driver, that is, damages and personal and material injuries to third parties if there is any problem in the circulation in which the driver is responsible . Compulsory car insurance “protects” the driver, regardless of who the policyholder is, who is the one who hires and who may or may not be the owner.
Generally, mandatory car insurance includes legal defense, although the limits of this are marked by each policy.
This type of car insurance does not cover, in any case, the personal or material damages suffered by the vehicle or its driver, although those of the occupants of the vehicle itself.
For this reason, from the basic car insurance, the user can contract other types of car insurance that include services that contemplate the needs and expectations of the different groups, from the most basic to the most complete.Most common coverage offered by car insurance companies through the car insurance comparator:

  • Compensation to third parties above the amounts indicated in the mandatory car insurance.
  • Legal advice.
  • Travel assistance due to breakdown, punctures or even lack of gasoline.
  • Replacement vehicle for breakdown, accident or theft, during the time that the user does not have his usual car.
  • Compensation for theft or loss.
  • Management of parking or circulation fines.
  • Car management procedures.
  • Pre ITV services, such as reviews, and even the collection and delivery of the car to pass the review.
  • Courses for the recovery of points or driving license.
  • Procedures and procedures for the renewal of the driving license.
  • Resolution of mechanical, electrical and electronic faults.

Depending on the coverage contracted in the car insurance, we will have policies:

“Expanded”third-party car insurance, which usually refers to mandatory insurance, complemented by the possible damages suffered by the moons (the windows of the vehicle itself), theft or fire of the car. There are a multitude of denominations with which each insurance company designates the different formulas offered.
All-risk car insurance, which includes all the coverage offered in the compulsory insurance and in the “extended third parties” and, in addition, the coverage of own damages, both of the vehicle itself and of the driver, although they have been produced by our fault. In general, this coverage includes minor damage to the vehicle, such as scratches or bumps, even more important cases, such as the total accident of the vehicle. Virtually all car insurance companies offer the“All risk with franchise”variant, whose particularity is that the insurance company, instead of covering the total amount of the accident, does so from the amount that the insured supports (the franchise). If the damages are less than the amount established as “franchise”, the client will assume them. If, on the contrary, they are superior to this, the insured will bear the part corresponding to the franchise and the rest will be assumed by the insurance company.

Exceptions in car insurance coverage

We can have the preconceived idea that a car insurance “at all risk” will protect us from any eventuality, we must take into account that there are certain exceptions that must be known and before which the insurance company will “wash your hands” andthe Responsibility will fall directly on the driver:

  • If an accident is caused by driving without a license, drunk or drugged.
  • If you transport in the vehicle more passengers than allowed as indicated by its approval.
  • If the car has not passed the ITV on the corresponding date.
  • If you are participating in races (legal or illegal) or in circuit tests.
  • If you modify something of the configuration of your vehicle and do not communicate it.
  • To travel on dirt roads and practice 4×4, many insurers have special policies, so it is very possible that if you do not have this coverage, they do not provide you with mechanical assistance or cover the expenses of a possible accident.
  • If you cause an accident and do not help the other injured, it is considered a crime of omission of relief, which can lead to penalties of up to one year in prison (in addition to the resulting fine) and the company will not cover your expenses (although it will pay the compensation and damages to victims)
  • Nor will the insurance company compensate you in case of flood, volcanic eruption, hurricane, nuclear accident, tsunami, earthquake, as well as riots, demonstrations or strikes and other events declared as a national catastrophe. These types of cases are covered by the Insurance Consortium.

There are certain assumptions that also raise suspicions among insurers. One of the most common cases is that of a clash against a relative or a neighbor, since they usually think it is a fraud. Except for the specific cases mentioned, the insurer must pay the corresponding indemnities,within a maximum period of 40 daysfrom the receipt of the declaration of loss, at the end of the investigations and expert actions necessary to establish the accident and the economic damages.

Now that you know more about the world of car comparators and insuranceWe recommend that you use our insurance comparator to calculate the cheapest car insurance, see different car insurance prices and thus obtain the best car insurance.

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