Insurance agents, improve your sales

Being aninsurance agentimplies having a personality that fits the job, where you must have as a main characteristic the ability to move customers, as well as encourage and manage personal relationships with each of them. This work also involves a lot of patience, because not all the potential clients we meet will give us a positive response.

However, this is not something to fear, because as we have acquired a certain amount of experience we can have a better relationship and better interaction with customers, which will allow us to conduct negotiations with a much higher success rate.

That is why we must keep in mind that, as first-time agents, there are certain tips that we can take into account if we want to sell personal insurance in a better way.

Tips for selling personal insurance

  • As already mentioned, it is necessary that theinsurance selleris prepared to be rejected by his clients, this should be taken as an opportunity to improve our interactions with them, and in this way, be able to conduct a better interview.
  • It is necessary that we must listen carefully to customers, since we must first take into account the needs that it has, we can also ask personal questions related to the purpose of observing more opportunities when making a sale.
  • Many first-time sellers make the mistake of explaining their insurance plans without taking into account the client’s needs.
  • When we sell insurance, the most important thing to keep in mind is the peace of mind that it can give the customer, who are looking for greater security and not the lowest price. When selling insurance we must take into account that we are giving a solution to a problem, not just a product with a price.
  • When selling insurance, we must highlight the benefits that these can offer the client, without the need to focus so much on the technical aspects or characteristics that it may have, so that we expose the insurance based on the client’s needs.
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